The choices that are available these days in terms of bike carriers for cars are truly overwhelming. What you basically need to know before getting started on your search for the best ones is that bike racks for cars are available in three different types. Here is a detailed inside scoop on these three different types of bike carriers for cars:

Roof bike racks
This is the first type of affordable roof racks that are commonly available these days. The best thing about this one is that it allows you to enjoy ample free space in the trunk and the rare area of your cars. This would basically make it easier for you to access these particular parts of your car. Believe it or not but these racks are generally considered rather trendy, and people who purchase them are largely considered as being serious cyclists. On the other hand, there is a downside to these too. The basic disadvantage of these is that lifting your bike all the way to the top of your car is surely going to be rather gruesome and tiring. This is particularly a major problem for people who have taller cars. The worst situation is when you drive straight into a low ceiling area after forgetting that your bike is up there!!

Trunk mount bike racks
These are the second types of roof racks that are available in the market these days. These bike racks are basically meant to assist you during shorter trips. Through these, you would be in a position to quickly and easily transport your bike. The best part is that there are a plethora of designs in which these are available, making it possible for you to choose from a varied range and get the one that is truly the best for you. The best part about these is that they make it possible for you to keep your bike free of any debris while being transported as it will be placed at the rear end of your car. However, their drawback is that they would not allow you to access the rear area of your car or its trunk. This is the major reason why these are highly recommended for just short trips.

Hitch mount bike racks
These particular bike racks have gained immense popularity in the past couple of years and are now being provided by top notch manufacturers and suppliers like iRacks Australia. These are basically available in many different designs that actually move out of the way, making it extremely easy for you to access the rear end of your car. There are even a number of companies that are providing these in such a way that they serve a dual function. Most interestingly, you can remove these and actually use them as a storage rack for your bike at home or even at work. Most interestingly, they allow good protection of your bike and also give you added mileage.

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